Hi I'm Luke. My early inspiration for Sauced Here came from a self-catering weekend with a group of friends. We booked a cottage in the countryside and an online supermarket delivery from a national chain for when we arrived.

The next day we discovered all the amazing shops in the local village. We missed out due to lack of local knowledge and a need for convenience. From that day on I started to notice how many great local businesses in my home town of Bakewell were closing down and wondered whether they were being passed by for similar reasons.

Wind forward time a little and my two children are born - lovely beautiful children who (as toddlers) would gleefully smash wine bottles in John Hattersley's Wine Warehouse (Bakewell) and kids who needed to go to the toilet just as I was about to sample beautiful cheese in Hartington...it dawned on me that life didn't need to be this way and Sauced Here was launched!

Sauced Here offers the convenience and similar choice that you might get from an online supermarket experience however everything at Sauced Here is hand sourced from 40 Peak District farmers, food & drink producers and local businesses. Even items not made here are bought from village shops where ever possible. You place your order, we collect your items and provide them to you via one flexible delivery to your door, cottage or campsite. Supermarket convenience – artisan quality.

So whether you are visiting the area or are lucky enough to live here, join us and shop conveniently, locally and responsibly.