Adam's Happy Hens of Holymoorside

Adam's Happy Hens of Holymoorside

Adam started selling eggs from a wooden box that he had made and placed at the end of the driveway to his father's dairy farm. Adam then expanded his "eggpire" to a bigger home made box, followed by a small wooden Wendy House (as he likes to call it) and now a moderate sized wooden shed just big enough to hold a range of wonderful eggs, some veg, an honesty box for payment and basket where one of the hens likes to sit and watch the customers trundle by.

Adam's hens live outside free-range in the field just in front of the farmhouse accompanied by a flock of geese and ducks who also occasionally provide enough eggs to sell too. The entire feathered gang are looked over by Adam's pet emu who presumably thinks she is in charge! If ever you want to see a hen with a broad smile on its face, this is the place to visit.

The yews
Baslow road
S42 7BH
United Kingdom

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