Birdhouse Tea Company of Nether Edge

Birdhouse Tea Company is a family run business, evolved from our passion for loose leaf tea and the wonderful benefits of herbs and spices; for health and happiness. We source our teas ethically and blend in small batches with love and care.

Birdhouse Tea Company began in a Japanese tea house in London’s Soho, back in 2001.

After learning about the centuries-old tradition of the tea ceremony in after-school Japanese lessons, Rebecca English and her mum, Julie, visited a specialist tea house to sample the loose leaf green tea that Rebecca had heard such great things about. Those first curious sips soon became gulps of knowledge, as over the next few years both Rebecca and Julie nurtured their new-found love for loose leaf tea with research, tasting and of course, lots of delicious pots of tea.

After leaving school, Rebecca worked at a world-famous coffee shop chain and witnessed first-hand the thirst for knowledge around coffee, as well as the praise and creativity that it attracted from customers and baristas alike. On the other hand, people were disinterested in tea at best, and downright neglectful of it at worst – trapped in a teabag and limited in its offering, tea seemed doomed to always be coffee’s dowdy cousin.

This was the inspiration that Rebecca needed to take her love for tea one step further. She attended a tea masterclass in London, taught by the winner of the ‘Best Educator’ at the World Tea Awards, and which furnished her with the knowledge, inspiration and aspiration she needed to put tea in its much-deserved spotlight.

The natural teammate for Rebecca was her mum Julie, who studied holistic nutrition and had a wealth of her own knowledge of healthful herbs to contribute. Together, they hatched what would become the Birdhouse Tea Company.

Feathering the nest in Julie’s kitchen at her home in Sheffield, Rebecca and Julie began creating loose leaf tea blends with a firm focus on ‘health and happiness’. They began taking their creations to small local markets and larger food festivals, spreading the word on the benefits and versatility of loose leaf tea and soon drawing a loyal following from across the region and beyond.

Within just a year, Birdhouse Tea Company had outgrown Julie’s kitchen and so they migrated to Sheffield’s Nether Edge, landing in the old Post Office building in the heart of a thriving community. It’s here that Birdhouse Tea Company has been able to spread its wings with a shop and in-house blending room, where Rebecca and Julie create teas that tell a story – whether that’s of a much-loved landmark in Sheffield, a walk in the picturesque Peak District, or a childhood memory of traditional sweet shops.

And it’s not just customers that have been captivated. Birdhouse Tea Company won awards for Best (Non-Alcoholic) Beverage and Best Overall Drink at the Deliciously Yorkshire Awards in 2014, and received nominations for Best Independent Retailer and Best Brand: Made in Sheffield at the Exposed Awards 2015.

With plans to host in-store tea classes, create ever more exciting tea collections, and continue sharing the love, pleasure and knowledge of loose leaf tea, the story of Birdhouse Tea Company just keeps on reaching exciting new heights.

The Old Post Office
7b Nether Edge Road
S7 1RU
United Kingdom

Tel: 0114 453 5589


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