Brock & Morten near Bakewell

The Brocklehurst family have been farming in this beautiful part of the country for well over 150 years on a mixed beef and arable farm, growing crops of wheat, barley and oil seed rape. They farm about 700 acres in and around the picturesque village of Ashford in the Water.

Brock & Morten was set up in January 2013 by Ben Furness and Kate Brocklehurst. Both grew up in Derbyshire on their family farms and between them have a vast knowledge of the food and farming industry. They are both enthusiastic about supporting British farming and creating a product that has low food miles and is traceable from field to fork.

Kate's father and brother grow oil seed rape as a break crop each year. The highest quality seed is planted in the autumn, early enough to germinate before the very cold winters which we experience here in the Peak District. During the following May/June the rape comes into flower with the bright yellow fields which can be seen for miles around. The flower is pollenated by bee hives dotted around the farm which in turn provides tasty raw honey. After the flower has died off and the seed pod has hardened it is then time for combining. The combine separates the tiny black seeds which we then dry and store ready for the pressing.

After the pressing process the by-product or husk is fed back to our cattle so there is no wastage.

Highfields Farm
Ashford in the Water
DE45 1QN
United Kingdom

Tel: 07739 188 111


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