Moons Microgreens from Hope Valley

Rachel and Peter are independent growers working from the heart of the Hope Valley, producing tasty, nutritious microgreens.

They run Moons Micro and believe that fresh, healthy food should be available to everyone.

Microgreens are young vegetables harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state, packed with concentrated nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants - up to 40 times more than adult plants in some cases. Microgreens are easy to use and incredibly versatile, their potent punchy flavours make for amazing salads - use as they come as a micro side salad or added to other ingredients for a main meal - hot or cold from burgers to Buddha bowls, in sandwiches wraps, noodles, pasta or pizza... And they're great for picky eaters; children who don't like their veggies seem to love these baby greens.

But most of all they're healthy - amongst the healthiest foods on the planet. Just one small 30g portion can provide your daily nutrient hit.

Working with Sauced Here, you can now get super healthy, super fresh immunity boosting microgreens delivered to your doorstep across the UK.

Moons Mico Herbs
S33 6RZ
United Kingdom

Tel: 07896 148 979