Sauced Here Services, Events & Activities

Sauced Here Services, Events & Activities

Sauced Here know a number of different suppliers of "fun stuff" to get you out enjoying the Peak District or to make the most out of being inside on a wet day or just to make your life easier. Our suppliers can more often than not tailor an event or activity to suit you and your group so whether you want to go abseiling, mountain biking, raft building, rock climbing and anything else that takes your fancy or someone to come in and tidy up after the night before, try one of our trusted activity leaders and services providers.

Please note that all contracts/liability are directly between you and the activity service supplier, Sauced Here will just be helping you find the right activity leader or provider to suit your needs

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Host, guide and additional services (minimum 4 hours)



Tidy up service from £3.60pp*: select rate below based on accommodation size

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