White Peak Distillery

White Peak Distillery is the first ever full-scale, craft distillery in Derbyshire, located along the banks of the River Derwent in Ambergate.

Founder, Max Vaughan said there was no single event or grand decision. We had a dream that evolved and a plan (the plan changed – a lot). A collection of events, conversations, chance meetings and genuine interest from lots of people meant that with every small step, it felt like we could make the Distillery a reality.

Our spirits and the customer experience are at the heart of everything we do. We’re uncompromising in the research and the day-to-day that go into creating and distilling our whisky, gin and other spirits. We’ve built a team and a distillery with a focus on the craft of the distiller, doing things in small batches by hand, feel, taste and smell. Our visitors can see all of this in action; we’ve opened our doors to the Distillery and our processes.

The Distillery is built on the tradition of the copper pot still and the influence that the still has on our spirit. With minimal automation, it’s about developing a deep understanding of how all our equipment works and how each stage of the process contributes to the spirits that qualify for the bottle.

Derwent Wire Works
Matlock Road
DE56 2HE
United Kingdom

Tel: 07856 463 287


Email: info@whitepeakdistillery.co.uk

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