Wye Bakehouse

Wye Bakehouse

At Wye Bakehouse we aim to provide you with honest breads and pastries of the finest quality, unique in style, taste and process. Our products are informed by traditions from all parts of the world with special focus on British, French and Italian baking.

Here, processes – such as dough mixing and fermentation – are slowed down. Millers are carefully selected for the quality of their flours and traditional practices.

We hope our love for baking and our revisiting of this ancient tradition finds a space on your table and a place in your heart… as it does for us!

Our uncompromising approach is focused on premium quality and tradition as well as creativity and experimentation.

Our product range will grow with the input of our Bakers and Pastry Chefs. It will also follow seasonal colours and tastes. Over time, we will develop our favourite core products, which will be always available to you, alongside our changing menu of breads and pastries.

Wye Bakehouse
3 Riverside Business Park
DE45 1GS
United Kingdom

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Ciabatta - Large, available for Wednesday - Sunday deliveries only (400g)



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