Delivery Information

What does Sauced Here offer?

We give you the opportunity to shop conveniently, locally and responsibly.

We offer a full basket of products specifically chosen from the best producers in the Peak District, all hand selected by the Sauced Here team. You are able to choose the produce you would like to buy online, select where and when you would like them delivered or arrange a collection and find out more about the rich heritage behind each of the purveyors who carefully create them. With the ease of a few clicks, we can help you show your committment to high quality local producers and take away the effort required to shop responsibily.

How do I shop?

All you need to do is login or register with us, select your delivery slot, select your delivery/collection slot, choose what you want to buy from the fantastic local stores partnering with us, then sit back, relax and wait for your shopping to arrive or collect it from our conveniently located collection stations. Read more.

Can I change my delivery slot and the shopping that I have ordered?

Yes – for almost every item you can change your home delivery/collection slot and your order up to 72hrs (3 days) before your delivery/collection day (except for Monday deliveries where the cut off is 96hrs (4 days) to allow for some of the shop owners time to take a well-earned weekend break). If you are using our courier service, this cut off time may vary. If your order has locked and you want to make a change please call us via the number provided on the contact us page as depending on what you need we might be able to make a special arrangement where it is logistically possible.

Where do you deliver?

We provide a national delivery service via a trusted courier partner and deliver by hand to homes, cottages and campsites throughout a vast area of the Peak District as well as just outside on the western outskirts of Sheffield and Chesterfield. Please use our postcode checker to confirm if we can deliver to you. You are also welcome to contact us directly if you live outside the postcode range to see if we can make a special arrangement.

Can I collect my own shopping?

Yes - After you have confirmed your order, you can choose to either have your shopping delivered to you or let us know when you would like to collect it and which of our collection stations is the most convenient. We will still visit each of the producers collating your order for you before delivering it to your selected collection station. Collection and delivery slots can be requested once you have logged in or registered with us, .

I am here on holiday, can I used Sauced Here?

Yes – we can deliver to your holiday cottage, self-catering accommodation, caravan, camper van or tent. In fact we have designed some holiday packs that can make your shopping even easier and added in some experiences that you could try out when you get here.

All you need to do is fill in your holiday delivery address details when you book your delivery slot. If you are staying in a holiday cottage, let the owner know that you have placed an order with us as we will try to speak with them to see if they can let us in before you arrive so that we can unpack your shopping into your cottage’s kitchen (placing perishables into the fridge or freezer of course).

For those of you staying at a campsite, especially where the mobile phone signal may be poor, please let us know the colour and any distinguishing markers that will help us identify your tent, campervan or caravan and where possible the licence plate of the vehicle you will be using to travel to the site. You can do this in the additional information box at check out. A photo of your tent/caravan sent via our contact us page is also really helpful. Once you arrive at your campsite, please send in any additional location details via our contact us page or let the site owners/managers know where you are so that we can speak with them and track you down when we can’t reach you by phone.

Is there a minimum spend?

You can shop for as much or as little as you want from any of the shops that we have found for you as long as your shopping total comes to £35 or more (excluding delivery) for home delivery/click and collect and a little more for our courier service.

How much does it cost to deliver?

Home delivery charges range from £3.99 to £6.99 at our busiest times. If you are using one of our click and collect stations, there is no charge for delivery except at peak times.

What happens on the day of the delivery?

We will travel to each of the purveyors who have created the products you have chosen and collect your order. We will then take it to your delivery address at the time slot you have requested. All products will be kept just as you would like them (including refrigerating perishable items as appropriate) so that they arrive as fresh as when they left the shop.

Please note that we operate a “Think 25” policy when we are delivering alcoholic products. If our team do not think that the person receiving the delivery is over the age of 25 years, they will ask for proof of age to verify that the customer is legally able to purchase alcohol.

What happens if I am not at my home, cottage or campsite at the time of delivery?

We recommend that you or another appropriate person is available to collect your delivery. If, however this is not possible, you can designate a location for safe delivery. We will contact you after the delivery has been made to let you know that we have been and that we have left the delivery as requested. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any theft, tampering, contamination or deterioration of unattended deliveries.

What should I do if I can't find something on the Sauced Here site that I would like to buy?

We are continuosly searching for new producers to collaborate with and products to include. If there is something you want please contact us and we will do our best to find it just for you. We will of course let you know how much it will cost before we add it to your order.

Booking a delivery slot

To reserve an available delivery or collection slot you need to login and then go to the delivery page. If you are a new customer you will need to register.

Do we deliver in your area?

We deliver by hand to addresses within our delivery zone (use our postcode checker to check) or nationally via our trusted courier.

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