A Peak District adventure (you choose what you do!) - min 8 people per activity

A Peak District adventure (you choose what you do!) - min 8 people per activity




Please allow 45 days between ordering this product and your delivery date.

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We have a number of suppliers who at this price can offer your group the following activities to keep you amused and entertained for around half a day:
- Abseiling
- Archery
- Canoeing
- A Great British Sports Day
- Kayaking
- Cycling (guided road bike)
- Mountain biking (lessons/guided)
- A mock crime scene investigation
- Scavenger hunt
- Sailing
- Treasure Hunt
- Raft Building
- Rock Climbing
- Navigational Exercises
- And so much more - just let us know what you want to do at checkout and we will find the right activity leader for you

Prices include pre-event consultation to create an activity that fits with your needs, all kit hire, instructor(s), briefings and the activity itself. Prices may vary if you ask for an activity that requires additional equipment, unexpected travel or unexpected venue/accommodation hire but don't worry, your activity supplier will discuss these with you if they arise so that there are no surprises.

Once you have placed your order, we will contact the right activity leader for your needs and they will contact you directly. If for any reason they identify during their correspondence with you that they are not able to help you with your event/activity, you will not be charged.

Please note that all contracts/liability are directly between you and the activity supplier, Sauced Here will just be helping you find the right person to help you. You may receive additional terms and conditions from your activity supplier which you will need to adhere to.

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