Ashbourne Hangover Cure Fitness Camp - min 8 people

Ashbourne Hangover Cure Fitness Camp - min 8 people




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Have a big night planned? What better way than to surprise your party with a hangover cure? There’s no better way to wake everyone up than with a group activity.

You’ll have a personal trainer dedicated to look after you with the aim to wake everyone up and get them set up for the day ahead. This could involve a variety of things from circuit training, to a boot-camp style and/ or boxing.

If your group is less than 8 people, you can still participate but the total price will be the same as for 8 people.

After your payment has been made, the fitness team will contact you directly (using the contact details you provide at checkout) to confirm the date and timing of your session as well as the types of activities you would like to explore. The team will also make suggestions if you require. If a mutually convenient time and date cannot be arranged when the team contact you, any payments made will be refunded in full - refunds for any other reason are not possible.

It would help us if you provide as much detail regarding your required fitness session in the "Additional information" field at checkout.

Please note that a surcharge may be applied depending on the final fitness session created (eg if you have requested an activity that requires additional equipement) - you will be informed of any additional charges before they are incurred. Prices assume that the session will take place at your venue - the fitness team are also able to help provide a venue however additional costs may be incurred.

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