Black Cherry Yoghurt - Small (150g)

Black Cherry Yoghurt - Small (150g)





These yoghurts have a base with a creamier texture and a milder taste. Yet, as a backdrop, there is still a note of tartness: the hall-mark of all Longley Farm's yoghurts. It took us about five years to really perfect the way we make this range. This is because at Longley, we like to do things the hard way and don't fall back on using the chemical cabinet as a short-cut. The result has been a remarkable success.

Ingredients with allergy advice in CAPITAL LETTERS

Yogurt (MILK) Added ingredients Black Cherries(9.4%), Unrefined Cane Sugar No added preservative or stabiliser

Produced in Peak District or within 10 miles


Purveyor located in Peak District / within 10miles
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