Craft chocolate making and tasting at your place - £30 per person (min 8 people)

Craft chocolate making and tasting at your place - £30 per person (min 8 people)




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Two plus hours of sheer luxury learning, talking about, and tasting chocolate made from the bean, with a chance to find out more about one the UK’s favourite treat and how chocolate is being made on a small scale from the carefully sourced cocoa beans by Cacao Elora in Derbyshire.

You will find out about the new wave of craft chocolate producers in the UK and how they are trying to promote chocolate which is based on just a couple of ingredients and which lets people taste how different beans from across the world can be.

During your session you will see the process of tempering chocolate and the making of chocolate bars/ or filled chocolates, and have the chance to taste a range of chocolate, including by pairing a chocolate with beer and a spirit/ or different filled chocolates which incorporate liqueur.

An optional quiz to further enhance your knowledge of our favourite sweet treat can be included with prizes (at no extra cost).

If your group is less than 8 people, we are happy to do this, although the total price will be the same as if you were paying for 8 people. You are of course able to take away any excess food/ drink to account for smaller parties, and each person will receive a bar of chocolate to savour after the event as a part of the price.
Once your booking has been completed Cacoa Elora will contact you directly to confirm the final details and to arrange to carry out a pre-visit to the accommodation in order to make preparations for the event. If for some reason we are not able to agree a mutually convenient arrangement, any payments made will be refunded in full – refunds for other reasons are not possible. The cost quoted is based on the description above, and whilst we are happy to consider additional items, we will need to adjust the final costs where this entails additional costs to ourselves or in
If you could provide as much detail as possible regarding your required session, including where anyone in your party has any dietary requirements, in the additional information field at checkout, this would be very helpful.

Please note that all contracts/liability are directly between you and the activity supplier, Sauced Here will just be helping you find the right person to help you. You may receive additional terms and conditions from your activity supplier which you will need to adhere to.

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