Lemon Yoghurt - Small (150g)

Lemon Yoghurt - Small (150g)





The natural acids combine with the milk proteins to give an exceptional texture and taste: a prize-winner at a host of dairy shows.
These are made using the traditional bacteria: lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. THe word "bulgaricus" is a reference to Bulgaria as it is thought that the origins of yoghurt lie in this area of Europe. "Thermophilus" means they like to be warm, Our yoghurts are fully fermented, which is why they have such a pronounced flavour. Most other makers slow down the fermentation and then try to take control of the product with stabilisers and preservatives. You won't find any of these in our yoghurt (or anything else from Longley Farm); we let the bacteria go to work, giving you the taste of the real thing, which explains why we win so many prizes.

Ingredients with allergy advice in CAPITAL LETTERS

Yogurt (MILK) Lemon(2.2%), Unrefined Cane Sugar. No added colour, preservative or stabiliser

Suitable for vegetarians
Produced in Peak District or within 10 miles


Purveyor located in Peak District / within 10miles
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