Oozing Derbyshire Cheese - Large Party Size (725g)

Oozing Derbyshire Cheese - Large Party Size (725g)





The Second World War had a significant impact on the production of craft cheeses on farms throughout Britain. Nearly 80 years on Sophie and James at Cow Close Farm are trying to bring back our lost heritage. They have created a delicious soft cheeses that would rival many of those from our French cousins.

The cheese is named after and shaped like the millstones that have been quarried in Hathersage and Baslow since the 14th and 15th centuries.

If you like the style of Brie and Camembert but love the thought of keeping it local, this is the cheese is for you. It is a creamy cow's milk cheese made from pasteurised whole milk sent over the hill from the neighbouring farm. It is ripened for 5-6 weeks. Stanage Millstone creates it's bloomy white rind in the first 10 days and spends the next 4 weeks maturing. When the cheese reaches maturity, the centre is still slightly flaky with a mellow taste, as it matures further the rich creamy flavour grows!

Ingredients with allergy advice in CAPITAL LETTERS

Whole pasteurised cow's MILK, cheese starter culture, vegetarian rennet, and salt.

Produced in Peak District or within 10 miles


Purveyor located in Peak District / within 10miles
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