Port Charlotte Scottish Barley (700mL)

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley (700mL)





Port Charlotte whisky is made at Bruichladdich Distillery on the shores of Lochindaal on the magical island of Islay. Bruichladdich house style is an unpeated malt, Port Charlotte, named after the neighbouring village, is a peaty version more like a typical Islay and the style the distillery made when it first opened in 1886. The peating level is 40 Phenols ppm and as the name suggests this whisk is made with Scottish Barley. The whisky is smoky, floral and elegant.

A stronger spirit, a big whisky with lots of character and body, excellent after dinner.

Purveyor located in Peak District / within 10miles
Sourced from

Islay, Scotland

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)


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