Whole Live Lobster (difficult to source on Mondays)

Whole Live Lobster (difficult to source on Mondays)


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This dish is not recommended for the squeamish and should only be purchased by those willing to treat this live animal with care.

Take time to research the best ways to store, dispatch and prepare this animal. Recommendations include:
- Never remove the bands around their claws until you are sure the animal is dead or in a deep sleep (see freezer method below)
- You should aim to cook your lobster as quickly as you can after delivery - that day is always best. In the meantime, they should be stored in the fridge covered in a damp cloth. DO NOT immerse them in fresh water unless you want to kill them.
- Before cooking, consider placing them in the freezer for 1-2 hours which appears to slow their metabolism right down and put them in a deep sleep. You can then lower them head first into a large pot of salted boiling water, bring back to the boil and simmer for a time that varies according to the weight of the lobster. A rough guide is around 7-10 mins for the first 450-500g followed by another 2-3mins for every 450-500g after that.

All attempts are made to ensure that the lobster is alive when it is delivered to you however this cannot be guaranteed. If the lobster has died on the way, it is still fresh and good to eat as long as you cook it quickly.

We strongly recommend watching a video on the preparation of your cooked lobster. Also some lobsters contain a green liver or "tamale" and the females may be carrying eggs, both of which can be eaten (rinse the eggs first) - these carry a very acquired taste!

Final lobster weight may vary and the price will be adjusted accordingly

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