Woodland Ways Bushcraft 24-Hour Survival Experience (Min 10 people)

Woodland Ways Bushcraft 24-Hour Survival Experience (Min 10 people)




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Based on the same format as our Bushcraft Fundamentals course, our 24-hour survival experience will not only introduce you to the essential skills of bushcraft and survival but will also give you opportunity to test out your new skills with an overnight stay in the woods. Set in stunning woodland on the Haddon Hall Estate near Bakewell, the course is based on the four main principles of survival; fire, food, shelter. You will be given practical hands-on experience on how to build an emergency shelter (aka. Your overnight accommodation!) using only natural materials from the woodland, collect and purify contaminated water and make it safe to drink, prepare your own wild food including game preparation supplemented by foraged wild plants and taught several different means of establishing a fire; including site selection, material selection and ignition sources whilst out in the woods. Aimed at those who want to extend a day’s leaning with an exciting overnight experience, the course is designed to develop and introduce these skills in a fun and safe environment. All meals are provided but you may wish to bring along some additional snacks.

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