Woodland Ways Weekend (Min 10 people)

Woodland Ways Weekend (Min 10 people)




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Set in stunning private woodland on the Haddon Hall estate near Bakewell, the course is based around the four cornerstones of Bushcraft and Survival: Fire, Shelter, Water and Food. Far and away our most popular bushcraft course, this experience gives you an opportunity to try your hand at something different whilst immersing yourself in the woodland environment. Whether you’re a beginner or you've already got a grasp of the basics, this course is not an endurance test but is designed for you to get the practical hands-on experience of the basics of Bushcraft and Survival, in a fun and safe environment. Over the course of the weekend you will cover a multitude of subjects including safe techniques when using knives and saws, emergency shelter building (your accommodation for the second night!), fire lighting methods both ancient and modern, foraging, natural navigation, animal track, sign and behaviour, water sourcing and purification, wild food preparation and cooking, to name but a few! By no means is this a basic introductory course, you will be amazed at the level of detail our instructors will go into on the short time available. All meals are provided but you may wish to bring along some additional snacks. No prior experience necessary!

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